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Growth Mindset Development

With our expert coaching, you'll embark on a transformative path that focuses on essential areas like goal setting, managing negative emotions, overcoming limiting beliefs, and conquering impostor syndrome. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in your professional and personal life. Imagine the clarity that comes with setting clear, achievable goals that drive your success. Visualize yourself confidently managing negative emotions, leading your team with grace under pressure, and effectively communicating your vision.


Strategic Sales Execution

Learn how to develop a sales plan that converts leads into loyal customers. Our program will teach you the art of identifying your target audience, tailoring your messaging, and closing deals effectively. Explore deployment strategies that ensure your plans are executed seamlessly. We'll show you how to allocate resources, manage timelines, and measure progress for maximum impact. Gain access to a detailed 90-day roadmap that breaks down your strategic objectives into actionable steps. We provide guidance, insights, and real-world expertise to help you succeed.


Business Planning

We believe that a deep understanding of your business is the key to success. Success in business relies on informed decision-making. We equip you with the tools to meticulously analyze market trends, assess your competition, and create accurate financial projections. Whether you're expanding into new territories or looking to solidify your presence, our program has the insights you need. Understanding and managing your finances is crucial. We cover financial management and guide you on building a high-performing team that shares your vision and values.


Business Support

When accountability is lacking, and employees struggle to meet their objectives, a business development coach can provide guidance, strategy and motivation to help individuals and teams achieve their goals. Navigating the complexities of modern business requires a strong foundation of support and expertise. At T.M. Hyman & Associates, we offer a comprehensive suite of business support services aimed at empowering your organization to thrive in a competitive landscape.

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Who can benefit from business and mindset coaching?

Business coaching and development can benefit a wide range of individuals and organizations, including entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, and employees seeking to improve their skills, leadership abilities, and overall business performance.

When should a company consider hiring a business and mindset development coach?

Companies should consider hiring a business management consultant when they encounter challenges that require specialized expertise, slow growth and is looking to break through to the next level, when expanding into new markets or launching new products or services, facing challenges with sales, revenue generation, or profitability, a coach can offer sales training, pricing strategies, and financial management guidance.

Companies that want to develop their leadership team's skills, improve employee engagement, or foster a positive organizational culture can benefit from leadership coaching and development programs. A company needs to refine its strategic planning, set clear goals, and create a roadmap for the future, a business development coach can facilitate the planning process. For organizations aiming to build stronger, more cohesive teams and improve collaboration among employees, a coach can provide team-building exercises and communication strategies. If you're looking to stimulate innovation, solve complex problems, or implement new processes can leverage the expertise of a coach to foster a culture of innovation.

How will a program benefit my business?

Sales, Services & Operations Development provides you with the tools and expertise needed to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve lasting success. Whether you're seeking to enter new markets, improve financial management, or enhance customer service, our program offers actionable strategies to benefit your business.

What is the cost of business coaching and development programs?

The cost of business coaching and development programs varies widely based on factors such as the coach or trainer's expertise, program duration, and the level of customization. It's essential to consider the potential return on investment when evaluating costs.

How long does business coaching and development take to see results?

At T.M. Hyman & Associates, the timeline for seeing results can vary depending on individual or organizational goals, the intensity of the coaching or training, and the commitment to implementing recommended strategies. Some improvements may be noticed relatively quickly, while others may take more time.


The right word to express...

The right word to express the experience I have received with TM Hyman & Assoc. is PHENOMENAL! TM provides a safe space for coaching, education, and mentorship that feeds the soul. I have been working with TM for over a year now. His coaching and training has allowed me to elevate personally & professionally in a way I only could imagine. I will recommend TM Hyman & Assoc. to all I know! If going higher in all areas of your life is a goal, then what are you waiting for. This review is the answer to your question, “Should I or How do I…” Yes you should & let TMH & Assoc. help you with the how. Thank you, TM. Forever forever grateful!


TM & his team is top notch...

TM & his team is top notch in community, leadership and faith. TM is a true leader who walks the talk daily while consistently growing and improving himself to empower himself, his team and his community. I highly recommend TM as a mentor, coach and a solid go-to leader to invest your time with.


TM & his team are the absolute...

TM & his team are the absolute best! TM gives you the support that you truly need! Best business decision I ever made! Thank you TM!


TMHA has been the reason...

TM Hyman & Associates LLC has been the reason my business is a success. As a marketing agency owner, I offered many services in the form of coaching, courses, strategy, and mentorship. With all of these offerings I was very disorganized and my pricing structures did not align with my goals. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around pricing and sales strategies. My business coach TM Hyman used the strategies from NLP & Mindset shifting to help me to create a clear path so that I could easily access 6 figures in my business. His coaching style is straight and to the point, yet nurturing and considerate of the clients needs and goals.


TM Hyman is an inspiration...

TM Hyman is an inspiration for me. He has been a great mentor and is extremely knowledgeable. What I love most is his willingness to help you from his heart.

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